English Department Mid-Autumn Festival Activities

Hurray! It's the time of the year to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.

Would you like to win some exciting prizes? Then join this competition and be a winner! Choose one or two activities to be a part of the competition.

1. Complete riddles on Kahoot through the links below and be in the top twenty (20)
https://kahoot.it P1-P3

https://kahoot.it P4-P6

2. Make your own lantern and talk about it in 1min video.
3. Talk about Mid-Autumn Festival traditions and activities in 1-2mins video.
4. Read aloud the Mid-Autumn Poem in a video with intonation, stress and pitch.

Poems(check here to download)

Deadline: 20th September, 2021 (Monday) Looking forward to your entries.